Computers, Smartphones, Gadgets and ET's (Electronic Thingies)...
We take care of all your computer needs.
Computers, smartphones and other electronic gadgets- We expect them to work and take it for granted when they do, but have you ever stopped to appreciate how extremely complexed these things are?  It's actually a miracle they even work in the first place!
So what do you do when your ET goes wrong? 
Pretty much anything with a screen today is some sort of a computer, and as such can go wrong in a thousand different ways. Just to mention a few:
  • Physical problems (breaks, thermal damage, loose contacts between components etc.)
  • Logical problems (software errors, bugs, compatibility and integration, to name a few)
  • Independent environmental problems (network coverage, service provider issues etc).
Diagnosing the source for a gadget's bad behaviour can be complicated, as can integrating new components (be it software or hardware) or buying a new system.
This is where Flat Possum can step in.
Flat Possum can advise you on exactly what you need, resolve your technical problems or fix and upgrade older systems.
Since 2003 Flat Possum have been there for businesses and home users alike.
Things we can help you with
Here are some examples of what we do
  1. Advice
    When you're about to spend money on technology, whether it's repairing an existing system or buying a new one, you may easily find yourself spending way more than expected. The first step, often not a straight forward one, is to identify what you really need. This could be very different then what the sales person wants you to buy and requires someone who knows what questions to ask, to properly identify.
  2. Repairs
    We have the tools and expertise to diagnose and repair most computers, laptop, smartphones and other gadgets. Whether it's a smashed screen, crashed hard drive or other quirks that grind your device to a halt, let us have a look and offer a solution. We take a system-wide troubleshooting approach to eliminate the source of the problem rather than just attend to the visible symptoms.
  3. Maintenance
    Computers are extremely complex machines. Moving parts such as hard disk drives, CD ROM drives and fans, and high-power electronics (often in excess of 300W) generate a lot of heat, while a very dynamic software environment generate a lot of clutter on your data storage devices. Anyone who ever owned a computer has experienced the performance deterioration that happens over time. A proper maintenance schedule will prevent performance deterioration.
A System Wide Approach
When deciding on an upgrade, expansion, or a completely new system, either single or multi-device, we always identify existing and future needs before customizing the solution that will best suit your requirements while still fit within your budget.
When intruducing new components into your running system, we make sure they integrate with your existing ones, and that everything you use is compatible with the changes introduced.
This ensures minimum disruption to your work and saves money and time.